Get your Perfect White Dress for your Wedding

Get your Perfect White Dress for your Wedding

There are more than 200 types of white when it comes to wedding gowns, ranging from dazzlingly pure to creamy and warm. As a result, there’s always a white that works for you, whether your pale and fair or dark and bronzed.

For over 300 years, white has been the colour for wedding gowns in the Western world. Back then, the colour symbolized wealth because it was so easy to get dirty, and it was only the upper crust that could afford to launder their garments to keep them clean (as well as do “clean” activities). Nowadays, white doesn’t really represent wealth as much as it does purity and joy, two traits that certainly relate to most weddings.

Granted, other colours are becoming popular, including pink, lilac, red and even yellow, depending on the style of the wedding service and the preferences of the bride. However, white is still the most common in North America – and the trend has spread around the world.

The perfect white wedding gown for you depends on what looks desirable with your skin shade. Fairer and medium skin tones are complimented by ivory and a creamy white shade referred to as “antique”. Blush pink and gold tones fit darker skin, as well as pure white. Olive complexions are best fitted in ivory, white and off white. To find your best white, ask the bridal shop to give you a colour swatch that you can take home. Then, you’ll be able to compare the shades in different types of light, not just the often flattering light of the fitting room. A new wedding dress takes about six to eight months from the time you order it to the time you actually receive it, and don’t forget that it fits perfectly. You’ll probably also need to do some alterations and add the bustle, which means you’ll be waiting about a month more. Make sure to choose your dress well ahead of the wedding day.

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